Welcome to The Half Size Me Community

To improve your access to the HSM Forums, logging in through the website halfsizeme.com has been disabled.

You can now login directly to the forum using the ‘Log In’ button on this page. Clicking ‘Log In’ will bring up a pop-up login screen.

If this is your first time logging in with this pop-up, please follow these instructions:

1. Once you see the pop-up login screen, click the ‘Create a new password’ link.
2. Enter username or email and click ‘Reset Password’.
3. You will be sent a password reset email.
4. Go to your email inbox and follow direction in the email to create new password.

Once you’ve set up a new password, you won’t need to do it again (unless you forget the password and need to reset).

If you any questions, please email support@halfsizeme.com